Immigration advantage

Hong Kong ten advantages

immigration advantages including 10 in Hong Kong.

1, economic freedom
For nine consecutive years, Hong Kong was named "the freest economy in the world", is the best economy in attracting foreign direct investment in Asia, there is a huge amount of fiscal reserves and foreign exchange reserves, stable convertible currency, as well as the simple tax system with low tax rates.

2, unlimited business opportunities
Hong Kong's "Pearl of the Orient" reputation, is Asia's most prosperous financial centers, finance, Commerce, tourism is the backbone of Hong Kong's economy, every year millions of tourists visit Hong Kong, for the commercial, catering, transportation and other industries in Hong Kong unlimited business opportunities.

3, sound financial management system and
Stability of the financial system of Hong Kong, do not have Exchange controls and cash withdrawals, free access and the withdrawal of funds, directly pegged to Hong Kong dollars, joint currency. Banking, financial and insurance industry developed, many world famous banks with branches in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong S.A.R. enjoys executive, legislative and independent judicial power and power of final adjudication. Government to implement a pragmatic and flexible approach to development, the strengthening of economic cooperation with other countries.

5, easing population policy
The Hong Kong Government never had a birth limitation policy, as long as it's legal residence, birth pregnant women in Hong Kong, the child immediately after birth the Hong Kong permanent identity, and enjoy our children's welfare.

6, allowed to retain citizenship of origin
Government asking for permission to stay in Hong Kong to cancel national identity of origin, lived in are allowed to remain in Hong Kong can still maintain its original national identity.

Hong Kong S.A.R. passport visa-free access to 120 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, and Canada, and Italy, and France and other European and American developed countries, easy access to Europe and other countries to study and do business, as long as the permanent identity card, you can apply for the "Hong Kong S.A.R. passport" and enjoy visa-free treatment.

8, high quality and world recognized degree
Hong Kong's schools have been Western model of education, bilingual education in the schools, students from the kindergarten had started to learn English. Lined with the major universities, the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and other institutions the quality of education is recognized around the world. Hong Kong's nine-year free compulsory education in both English, students can be only paid book fees each semester enrolled in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's health care system and social security system improved, open to the general public in public hospitals, out-patient and hospitalization is free. After becoming a permanent resident, also entitled to unemployment benefits, pensions, and life for the elderly and other social benefits.

10, a friendly
Hong Kong's land, sea and air transport is very convenient, with Asia the famous Victoria Harbour and Chek Lap Kok International Airport State, every day there are dozens of flights shuttling between continents, is one of the world's busiest international airport. Rail, road and sea routes connecting the Pearl River Delta, is only half an hour from Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Guangzhou only takes 2 hours, maximum convenience to investors.

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