Immigration advantage

Canada immigration children's education advantage

Canada immigration of investment criteria: assets of more than 5.6 million success, just invested 120,000 Canadian dollars to apply to the whole family get Canada Green card.

with the improvement of people's living standard and horizons open, we have to send their children abroad to study, hoping they can accept the internationalization of education, enjoy international development platform, has a more promising future. Canada has the world's best education system and most complete social welfare. Children enjoy free from primary school to high school English and French bilingual education, University of local residents fees. Has Canada passports, in more than 100 countries visa-free access to facilitate the future development.

Immigration Canada Hou, children's school can enjoy equal treatment with local students, more favourable conditions for international students:

1. universities, relatively few immigrants to pay the tuition fees, only one-fifth of the international students, or even lower.

2. are free to choose their favorite professional, treatment of children in conformity with the local population, with the same results apply to more and better universities and professional. And in more international students to apply for professional limitations, many popular profession only open to local students.

3. Canada can provide interest-free loans funded read, while international students do not enjoy such preferential policies.

4. enjoy the Government's free health care system and social welfare, and international students who need to pay their own health insurance.

5. immigrant children in school in the process, as long as lived for three years, may apply to join Canada nationality without a visa after graduation to go to the United States to work, study and life, global mobility, and international student visas must leave home.

parents of children's education is the greatest investment, to provide a free and open, to fully tap the potential and creativity, first-class international education environment and opportunities that parents give children maximum protection and most precious gift.

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