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Singapore immigration ten advantages

has been Singapore investment program is the goal of China's rich, recent national immigration policy changes, investment immigration more or less compressed, and Singapore investment migrant policy has been very stable, and strive to create rich living paradise, attracting wealthy immigrants around the World Singapore. Deep pains, immigration experts say, compared to other immigration hot country, Singapore investors are ten obvious advantages:

1, freedom, no immigration prison

Singapore investment program after a successful application immediately to get a green card, the real prison restrictions not to emigrate. 2 years living there for a year to apply for naturalization, without having to immediately abandon domestic work.

class 2, wealth, tax havens

in early 2008, Singapore abolished inheritance tax, and Singapore has long been known for its low taxes and global, including very low corporate tax, personal income tax, tax planning and choice of many Chinese business people.

3, social welfare, good sound

Singapore social welfare, health care system, ordinary citizens can buy hdb. Low interest rate loans to ensure that home ownership housing.

4, an excellent springboard for the world market

along with the new United States signed the free trade agreement, Singapore--United States trade freely, without tariff. Singapore will become a true Asian trade hub. Set up his own company in Singapore, and reduce the cost of export duties, which is essential for businesses to consider.

5, world financial and Trade Centre

Singapore is a beautiful country, a world class port and international airport, excellent communication facilities, which belongs to the free economy.

6, facilitating identity global Visa

Singapore passports will be granted visa-free treatment in more than 150 countries, may at any time in the Singapore employment, without first applying for a job or employment permit.

7, combining educational excellence

Singapore education is still the most attractive it has been globally recognized for excellence education system, children without giving up fluent English speakers, and schools for the children of the Government (public) school, for at least ten years of education (almost free) and high quality English education.

8, UN-Habitat urban living preferred

safe and comfortable natural environment free from any natural disasters, while Singapore's political stability, social security, clean and beautiful environment, known as the Garden State, is also recommended by the United Nations "best cities", one of the Government's clean, efficient, and Finland, and Norway, and Switzerland, par. Living conditions are good, the pleasant climate, is one of Asia's top destination for immigrants. Singapore is one of Asia's most vibrant city, who lives in Singapore, and enjoyable.

9, Chinese environment, like a fish in water

Singapore belongs to the Chinese world, most people speak English and Mandarin language with no obstacles, adapt.

10, and from the new facilities without jet lag

from China Singapore easy money in short time. And there is no difference between the new, also eliminates the pain of jet lag.

currently, Singapore investment immigration has four investment immigration project, which including, 1 million s investment immigration project, and 1.5 million s investment immigration project, and 2 million s investment immigration project and 5 million s investment immigration project, deep Dr immigration has for decades years of success handle Singapore investment immigration experience for each a signed customer provides shortcut, and professional of advisory and visa service, to ensure each cases case of successfully success.

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