Singapore prices apply for investment immigrants caught the last two months

Canada new policy, Quebec immigrant investor pause, new immigration policies also began publishing. In this way, Singapore 7.5 million investment relative to Canada and 10 million investment in Hong Kong is a lot cheaper. As Singapore investment migrants policy prices from January 1, 2011, for those who have plans to apply for investment immigration provides an opportunity.

Singapore project advantages:

1. short period of 6-10 months;

2. no immigration supervision requirements;

3. a high success rate, Government involvement guarantees one green card;

4. no language requirements, easier integration into the local life;

5. Garden State, a high quality of life;

6. the Commonwealth's education system, bilingual instruction;

7. tax advantages and there is no estate tax, overseas income is not taxed.

1) investment programme changes

1. the original 1 million proposal: invest at least 2.5 million new Yuan to open up new business or expand their existing business.

2. the original 1.5 million scheme: investment of at least 2.5 million yuan in the new global business investor program approved by the Fund.

3. the original 2 million scheme: investment options will be cancelled, applicants cannot be 50% investment investment in owner-occupied private dwellings.

4. the programme of the original 5 million: the principal applicant's assets requires the same, still 20 million new Yuan, but investment into 10 million new Yuan.

Option a: 10 million new all financial assets.

Option b: 2 million new Yuan for property, 8 million new financial assets.

2) cancel a parent's application for permanent residence of parents and spouses

global business investor program of the principal applicant, not for parents and spouse's parents to apply for permanent residency. They can apply for long-term visit permits valid for five years. Visiting card in accordance with the principal applicant for a long time the validity of the entry permits update.

with varying degrees of improvement and adjustment of national immigration policy, Singapore investment program advantages begin to emerge:

tax advantages and there is no estate tax, overseas income is not taxed. Singapore's education system followed the United Kingdom educational system, their level of education and diplomas were the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and other countries recognized. Singapore introduction of bilingual education, language barriers are relatively low in the country studying abroad. At present, because of various advantages in the areas of education, Singapore and more investment immigrants of all ages. His family emigrated, so that their children are receiving education become a preferred investment in immigrant families.


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