Hong Kong immigration enacted new policy responses

Hong Kong immigration enacted new policies, investments from the 6.5 million going for up to $ 10 million, buying investment immigration policy was also abolished. Messages posted 13th and 14th. For changes in immigration policy, the parties disagree.

Mr Tsang said, in recent years, the Hong Kong real estate investment under the capital investment entrant scheme, only 1% per cent of total market turnover, but taking into account the concern of the public, decided to make this change.

Hong Kong media, quoting Government sources, reported that the two adjustments was to respond to the voice of the Hong Kong community. He also said that overseas capital investment entrant scheme a lot does not include real estate, but Hong Kong when the scheme was launched in 2003 included real estate, because of the sluggish economy, the SAR Government is deliberately expanded investment categories.

property presenter, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, said the proportion of real estate investments under the program is very small, temporarily eliminating the real estate project to stabilize the property market had limited success. In his view, because of the weak dollar, coupled with States to adopt a looser monetary policy, formed an unprecedented long period of low interest rates, the property market has become a money haven, a large number of foreign funds into Hong Kong, and this is the important reason for the soaring prices.

Hang Seng Bank Senior Economist Fan Waner said, adjusting the capital investment entrant scheme, clearly shows that the Government in the housing market supply and demand imbalance, excess liquidity situation, investment intentions to cool the housing market at one end.

said Guo Haozhuang, an economist of HSBC global research in China, which is the SAR Government since last October launched a fourth round of market regulation policy, was the first take measures to deal with high profile overseas buyers coming to Hong Kong. He said that, from a demand-side view, modify the immigrant investor program the short-term impact on Hong Kong's property market cannot be ignored, but thanks to real estate investment immigration scheme only 1% per cent of total number of shares in Hong Kong, so the long-term impact is still unclear.

Guo Haozhuang said that, as far as the property market, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's limited policy space, which Hong Kong is a free economy, could not intervene directly in the market and 53% families in Hong Kong own real estate, home prices continued to fall the same as the risks involved. The other hand, in the coming year, Western countries will continue to keep interest rates low and not normal monetary policy, funds will continue to flow into Hong Kong and other regions, pushing up prices.

Guo Haozhuang said the combination of the publication of the policy address to demonstrate to the market and Hong Kong people, the SAR Government is dealing with at both ends of the imbalance between supply and demand in the property market, but they also stated that the SAR Government will introduce radical measures, so as not to cause market turbulence. He also believes that, based on historical experience speculates that in the global monetary situation, in particular the United States currency before the situation returned to normal, the SAR Government will continue to take measures to stabilize the property market.


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