December 1 Quebec began to receive immigrant investor application

December 1, 2010 Quebec immigration office in accordance with the new deal receives Quebec immigrant investor applications.

Quebec Immigration Bureau decided on November 3, 2010, will be returned on October 13, 2010 (including today) until November 30 to submit applications for the new deal will be formally implemented on December 1, 2010 (above all for Montreal).

Canada immigration policy the basic conditions for: capital requirements be raised to 800,000 Canadian dollars c $ 1.6 million, investment increased from c $ 400,000 to 800,000 Canadian dollars. Programme from the original $ 120,000 loan increased to $ 220,000.

concern is that after the implementation of the new deal, the Federal immigrant investor program will stop streamlining the application, sent when required to submit complete application materials. Before the new deal, applicants should only submit the principal applicant's application form and application fee to receive Canada file number issued by the Federal Office for migration into the queue waiting, once formally tried, you need to provide all application files, while the launch of the new deal requires that the applicant must be prepared for a full range of support files. This policy change will greatly shorten the Canada federal immigration hearing period, leading to 6-8 months to complete the entire trial period.


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