United States immigration new home buyers can get a green card

Canada immigration extremely easy terms and a beautiful living environment, Canada immigrant investor popularity continues unabated. Recent United States immigration came from behind, making the whole immigrant market looks more complicated, applicants need a rational view of the current three major immigration concerns.

United States immigration further warming. In the United States in many promotional investment of migrants, most tempted by the applicant, is often seen in "home buyers can also get green card, immigrate" propaganda.

in fact, in the United States buy homes and obtained United States green card, go through United States immigration no direct relationship between. United States Immigration Act, the applicant may be achieved through two types of investment to immigration United States: in the United States invested $ 1 million and create Anywhere 10 direct jobs; or in the Government-sanctioned "regional center" to invest $ 500,000 and create 10 jobs either directly or indirectly.

advertising in the so-called "buy existing homes-get the whole family green card" refers to the applicant's investment project by "buy" House-that's the one for commercial real estate projects, rather than flat. Applicants so far, investment in commercial projects and housing, which are two entirely different concepts, the applicant must not be misunderstood and confusing. Applicants to invest in the real estate project, this project success for every business, whether that fixes 10 places of employment, the relationship between the ultimate immigrant success or failure is by no means "buy existing homes get green card" so simple.


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