2011 United States investment time

master United States core rational immigration policy of the EB5 program risks

United States is the core of the EB5 investment immigration policy: investment to create jobs. United States immigration authorities approved a procedural legitimacy, but it does not run on your project status and guarantee the investment gain or loss. Theoretically United States immigrant investor green card conditions of elimination and a certain degree of uncertainty in the principal investment recovery. Investors may see it as a real investment and weigh their own risks. United States immigration policy requires overseas investors the investment must be at risk of the applicant, that is, risky investments.

2011 regarding United States immigration an important occasion

2009 United States President Barack Obama signed a United States immigrant investor EB5 regional center Bill, the validity of the Act be extended to September 30, 2012; this means that at this stage the United States immigration policies dealing with relatively stable periods. Throughout 2010 the investment markets, reform of national immigration policy, invariably improve migration threshold to a certain extent, which makes the United States a $ 500,000 investment requirement to become an advantage. In 2011, the immigrant United States an important occasion.

immigration services upon United States immigration plays an important role in the process

handling the United States immigration process, the Migration Institute's service levels and capacity are important: one can objectively assess the qualifications of an applicant as, and can provide highly experienced copywriter, the three can provide comprehensive immigration services during the application process. In addition, because United States immigrant investor application premise--that the applicant must establish an investment Act (to choose an EB5 investment involved in the project), the Immigration Agency help applicants know better about the EB5 program will provide some valuable information and EB5 Regional Center projects. But the immigration authorities do not help the applicants choice project also does not guarantee project risk, United States immigration policy does not allow a security risk, so even the most admired and appreciated the EB5 program, the applicant must make their own independent decision.

different institutions of professional level, and responsibility consciousness, and risk control and full service capacity differences is big, Tianyu immigration company as qualifications deep, and experience rich, and strength powerful and brand outstanding of large professional immigration institutions, for United States investment immigration has deep of awareness, only from Tianyu President number times personally to beauty field study United States investment immigration regional center and various EB5 project this is, that visible as evidenced by. Currently in the United States already has more than a hundred regional center EB5 projects emerge, sky view, in this case, the applicant should maintain a rational understanding and judgment.


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