Malaysia changes to the second homes Scheme applicants may choose employment

"deposit 300,000 ringgit, 10 years unlimited access within Malaysia" as the biggest selling point of the "Malaysia my second home" since its introduction, with its affordable, fast handling, the "low threshold" advantages to attract investment in tens of thousands of immigrants from China, which has always been at the top in the number of. However, after certain restrictions, will also be part of interest in investment Malaysia my second home applicants in the door.

in March 2009, the Malaysia immigration authorities promulgated the "Malaysia my second home" policy changes, according to the qualified applicant reflect strong before a major correction, allowing some applicants not only employment in Malaysia, an independent start-up company and Entourage also further relax the requirements.

immigration said, in the context of the financial crisis sweeping the globe, Malaysia Government hopes to take this stimulating investment, policy adjustments therefore rare in recent years. For domestic investment, and good will bring more convenient and affordable.

Malaysia immigration advantage

"my second home" program is the Malaysia Government's official plan, since the plan applied for ten years at a time, can be removed from a lot of processing time and costs. And simple application procedures, no age limit, no English language requirements, favored by the emigration of a large number of domestic investment.


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