United Kingdom the immigrant investor program details

United Kingdom immigration was founded in 1994. In 2006, HSBC (HSBC) suggestion, United Kingdom immigration was further modified. New policy has greatly relaxed immigration requirements, which do not comply with the requirement may round the immigrant dream.

two types of investments
First, in the United Kingdom investment of 1 million pounds (about 16 million yuan) for a period of 5 years;
Second, choose the Bank offers financing services, direct payment of £ 190,000 as interest, to obtain the status.

no asset source is required
Traditional Canada immigrant investor program, Australia must require the applicant to explain the reported assets of legal origin, but the United Kingdom sources of asset investment immigrants at this point, no strict requirements, proof of assets is required. And, for the declared assets, by inheritance, gifts, securities investment, futures trading, business form available, very flexible.

non-business management experience
United Kingdom immigration business management experience without any request, so long as 18 years of age may be a principal applicant proposed United Kingdom investment immigration applications.

be free to choose the principal applicant
As there are no sources of assets and management experience, so couples can choose one as the primary applicant. And, if the families had adult children have reached the age of 18 in the United Kingdom studying or preparing to go abroad, to transfer assets into the child's name, and then by a separate application as a principal applicant United Kingdom. Just after the successful principal applicants each year in the United Kingdom can live over six months. So, for those women already in United Kingdom study families, on one hand, after the success of children of immigrants available to United Kingdom generous social benefits, especially study the huge discount on the tuition fee on the other, parents don't have to give up domestic business, birds.
No age/education/English language requirements

simple and
United Kingdom immigration also belongs to the passive investment program, simple ways to invest. Principal applicant and spouse name in net assets (including cash, deposit, real estate, stocks and shares of the company) to 2 million pounds (about 30 million yuan); or name of principal applicant and spouse can transfer assets (including cash, savings, stocks, and so on) up to 1 million pounds (about 16 million yuan). Two types of investment options available to applicants. First: in the United Kingdom investment of 1 million pounds (about 16 million yuan) for a period of 5 years, the investment by HSBC on its behalf to buy bonds. Return remainder after deducting the expenses of the applicant-owned the second: you can select Bank offers financing services, direct payment of £ 190,000 as interest, immediately gaining identity.

application cycle Express
United Kingdom immigrant investor application cycle, starting from application time of only 3 months to finally get a residence visa, for people who want to handle immigration applications in the short term, United Kingdom the immigrant investor program is undoubtedly the best choice.

direct experience United Kingdom welfare
If the application is successful, the applicant immediately begin to enjoy United Kingdom all the generous welfare benefits, including comprehensive and free system of national health care services (NHS), a children's and maternity benefits, disability/sickness benefits, retirement benefits, widows benefits, unemployment benefits, low-income people, such as welfare and social funds.

available after 5 years United Kingdom nationality
Immigrants after 5 years, as long as the applicant meet certain residency requirements, you can apply for United Kingdom citizens. United Kingdom allows dual citizenship.

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